Rob Falconer

Boston, MA

It is in my nature to create.  I grew up as a kid who was more drawn to Legos than video games, and I always had a passion for taking an idea in my head and constructing it into existence. Throughout my childhood, I explored many different mediums of artistic expression, including sports, music, woodworking, sculpture, and architecture, but when I first picked up a paintbrush, my world changed. I soon realized that painting allowed me to connect more deeply with my thoughts and the world around me.

My studio work explores a wide array of styles but I most enjoy creating art in the style of abstract realism.  Being 100% self-taught, my approach to art is radically different from my peers.  I strongly believe that art can't be taught, but rather must be found within your artistic self.  Each new painting that I complete allows me to learn more about the world I find myself in and how my mind works.

Thank you for supporting me on my artistic journey!!

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