The Black Artist Futures Fund

Artists are central to social change. Art makes people think, feel, or act a different way. Artists have always played a key role in social movements, addressing issues from sexism to racism to immigration. Art is pure when its message is not coerced into being someone else's because someone else’s message can become someone’s new-found realization. Through art’s expressive nature the artist challenges cultural narrative to invoke and inspire in ways typical political messaging can not. Art can only create effective social change when it comes from diverse voices.

The Black Art Futures Fund is an organization voicing and harnessing the power of black artists.


Black Art Futures is a collective of emerging philanthropists promoting the elevation and preservation of Black arts & culture.


  1. Grow future philanthropists by providing a structured community to understand the importance of generous contributions to community-centered artists and arts & culture organizations.

  2. Provide impactful general operating grants to those artists and organizations in an effort to stabilize, validate, introduce to future philanthropists, and support the future of their work.

Abstract Artist Jules Edelmann is donating a portion of profits from her line to the Black Artist Futures Fund to contribute to the preservation and prominence of Black arts & culture. Abstract Artwear is a community that values representation in art and beyond.

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