Carolyn Arosell

State College, PA
As a female, I have always been told what I should do and how I should feel about my own body. These gender biases have now driven me to use my artistic ability to highlight the female form and show off both its inner and outer beauty. When creating, my work is derived through color exploration and human emotions. Combining my own experiences along with pop culture, I am able to translate a colorful version of my thoughts and feelings into a surrealistic, visual creation.  My material interest primarily includes oil and acrylic paint. However, as of recently, I have discovered a new interest in silk screen printing as well as digital art. In a world that already has so many talented and brilliant artists, being unique can often be difficult. Surrealism, on the other hand, allows me to manipulate mainstream media along with my own personal thoughts to create an artistic style that is truly unique to me.  
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