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"To be completely honest, I painted this the night I had Chinese takeout for dinner. I had just painted a cowboy hat in a similar style, and I was thinking a lot about pattern and color. There are probably four layers of paint underneath the dark purple because I kept trying colors and they weren’t working for me. Chinese takeout is something that I really only ever eat with my dad, so this painting always makes me think of him."

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  • Abstract Artwear

“Since as little as I could remember I would go to art camp every summer with my little sister, and during the school year, I would go to an art class at night once a week. Art has always been a part of my life for the past 21 years in some capacity. I first began as a doodler, then took a college class on figure drawing, but moved away from that within the past year. I started creating representational scenes, but that didn’t work out. Then I found a new passion in abstract art. Recently, I’ve been focusing on smaller paintings that are more representational and more abstract in terms of color and shape."

“My work is inspired by real-life situations. I like to depict moments of time in my work. Right now, I am thinking about objects because I have been stuck in my house for a long time. There’s a chair in my current childhood home that I’ve never really thought about. Now that I see it more, I think about the story behind the chair, and objects have just become more valuable to me. Because of this, I have to get something out of my brain and onto a canvas.

Studio time is crucial. The most important thing to remember is to be in the studio more, and keep making art all of the time. My advice for artists would be, if whatever you are working on feels like a chore, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re making the work you’re supposed to be making, it will be exciting for you. You begin to look forward to making something you love.

Stay up to date with the Abstract blog to see the story behind each of my pieces!

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  • Abstract Artwear

Abstract Artwear is a collaborative initiative. It was made by artists, for artists. The most valuable time for artists is spent in the studio because they are spending it doing something they love the most: art. Finishing a new piece is an exhilarating feeling and finding the perfect place to put it on display is a triumph. However, art has traditionally been confined to one platform. Abstract offers a unique, living platform for artwork. Ditch the wall. We want artists to create stimulating reactions and thoughts, while fostering change with their work. On clothing, artists will be able to do just that in everyday life.

What’s it like to be an Abstract Artwear artist? Our Abstract design team recruits unique and original artists to create clothing that incorporates an individual art and style. The artist and design team work together to create the best line to showcase their work. Our partner company manufactures the artist’s desired clothing line, and Abstract makes it available for sale on our website.

While Abstract focuses on printing artist’s original pieces on clothing and accessories, we also work to create a collaborative community of artists. Abstract aims to elevate artwork to clothing while simultaneously providing a platform for all up-and-coming, under-appreciated, or experimenting artists to showcase their art to our audience. The #CreativeCollaborative campaigns put an emphasis on all mediums of art, and provide further exposure on a daily basis.

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